Tool Shed Ideas: A Design Plan

As I talked about in this post one of our current priorities is figuring out an outdoor storage solution. So, we’ve been brainstorming a lot of tool shed ideas. Everything from out of the box to DIY is on the table. Although, we’re currently leaning towards a DIY tool shed because we can customize it more and we think it will be less expensive. This is one of those things that we don’t really want to spend money on, but need to for our house to be more functional so we’re going to try and spend as little money as we can while also making it as nice as possible. But we are still searching for a pre-fab one, if we could find one for a good price I think we would go for it because of how much time it will save us. But, since we think we’ll be building one ourselves I thought I’d share what we’re thinking so far. Just click on any of the pictures for their source. 

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