Summer Wrap-up

Happy Labor Day, friends! What are you up to? I celebrated my grandfather’s 90th birthday over the weekend and now I’m visiting my best friends from college. Even though the official end of summer isn’t until later this month Labor Day sort of feels like the unofficial end. School is back in session for most people, temperatures are starting to drop ever so slightly, and the days are getting noticeably shorter. So I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do an easy little post about my summer. It’s a little more personal than usual, all the pictures are from my iphone and are not styled and not edited. Just from everyday life this summer! Now tell, me how was yours??

Summer started off on a great note – I organized a group of people to surprise my mom and do the Susan G. Komen breast cancer walk with her. Several years ago she was diagnosed with it and is cancer free now. They found a teeny tiny spot and only caught it because she had been getting mammograms regularly. It still wasn’t easy but it would have been so much worse if she hadn’t been. Honestly I can’t even think about it. I was in San Francisco at the time so couldn’t do much for her so it was special to organize this as a little way for me to feel more a part of it.


Xan and I had a lot of different visitors, always taking them to our favorite brewery New Belgium.


I took a trip with Xan and some of my best friends to Louisville, KY to watch another one our friends get married. We at popsicles and dressed the part for the Derby Themed party!


Oh yeah, and went to a brunch at one of the most amazing houses I’ve ever been in. Check out the living room – this part of the house used to be a cathedral!


I caught a lot of sunsets over the Blue Ridge Mountains.


My parents came to visit and we went white water rafting!


Celebrated 4th of July in one of the most amazing spots you could imagine.


Then promptly broke my toe hiking. I was only half-way up when it happened, but at least I got to see this view at the top!


Went on a date night to see The Big Sick. And it’s currently my favorite movie – I LOVED it.


Made lots of delicious meals on our outdoor burner. These simple clams and zucchini pizza included. I also ate tons of fresh produce from my mother-in-law’s garden and made fresh summer cocktails.


Did so many projects around the house (like this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one). But painting the bathroom had me the most stumped. We looked at so many paint colors that it was comical. And then finally found the perfect one… right after I finished painting 🙄 Needless to say it’s still Fundamental White in there.


Celebrated as so many of my friends found out they were pregnant, went to their baby showers, even helped design a few nurseries, and met one new arrival almost a month early!


Almost watched the eclipse from this perfectly picturesque spot, but left to chase the sun when the rain and clouds moved in and ended up watching it from this parking lot. Which also turned out pretty perfect.


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