My Anthropologie summer tag sale picks!

I can almost always find something good in the Anthropologie tag sales. I’ve scoured all of their home stuff and wanted to share some of my favorite things I found!

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Kitchen Hardware Ideas

Right now, we’re at a bit of stand still with kitchen decisions. We have a few meetings scheduled and can’t make too many decisions until those are done. But, one thing I’ve been thinking a lot about is hardware. I’m trying to finalize our design plan and what color palette we’re going to go with so I’m still not sure what finish will work. But, even so, I’ve been exploring several options. I’m sure we’ll end up mixing metals throughout the kitchen for a more eclectic look, but the hardware will probably all be the same.

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Guest Bedroom Idea: Inspiration Photos

Hi there! Happy, Monday! Today I’m sharing some inspiration photos I’ve rounded up for our guest bedroom. We have a houseguest right now and last week when I was getting the room ready I got really motivated to get the guest room in order and started scouring Pinterest for ideas.

I know I want it to be comfortable for guests. But it’s also a pretty small room that doubles as my office. So right now I’m still in the stage of thinking through all the possibilities and these pretty rooms are helping me do that!

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